Since 1977 Ice Systems & Supplies., Inc has served the packaged ice and commercial ice industries as a full service supplier and manufacturer of ice palletizing systems, custom screw conveyors, industrial ice making equipment, automatic ice bagging and sealing equipment, ice merchandisers, ice storage warehouses and ice storage bins. With more than 30 years experience, we not only understand the unique needs of our industry but we also strive to innovate and revolutionize the way we do business. Our flagship product, the fastest automatic palletizing system on the market (designed and manufactured by Ice Systems & Supplies) is evidence of this.

We are a stocking distributor, parts supplier and service center for all the industry’s major manufacturers including Hamer, Kamco, Leer, Star, Starrett, Keith and many more. Inside sales and order processing are handled at our 11,000 sq. ft. warehouse, located in Rock Hill, South Carolina. In addition, Ice Systems & Supplies specializes in ice plant installations, renovations and appraisals. Our experienced professionals can assist with new plant CAD design, custom electrical control design as well as on-site consulting.

Ice Systems & Supplies is represented across the country by a team of professional field sales representatives and field support technicians.

Equipment for the Packaged Ice Industry


Hamer has been supplying superior packaging equipment for more than 80 years. They offer a wide variety of low cost bagging solutions specifically tailored for the packaged ice industry. Currently, offering four form, fill and seal automated machines that boast very light mil film management, consistent high speed production and superior product flow dynamics. Hamer ice plant automation offers bagging rates between 40 and 60 bags per minute. In addition, Hamer supplies hot air bag top sealers. Ice Systems & Supplies is an authorized Hamer Service Center.
Leer has been a leading manufacturer of ice merchandiser for over 50 years. Leer merchandisers are built to the strictest safety and quality standards and carry the highly respected UL listing mark. Ice Systems & Supplies Inc., is an authorized stocking distributor of Leer ice merchandisers. Leer merchandisers and Leer parts are distributed from our warehouse in Rock Hill, SC.
JMC provides a wide range of high quality packaging machinery. These include wicketted bagging and sealing systems, master balers, robotic palletizers, bulk baggers as well as hot air sealers. Ice Systems & Supplies Inc., is an authorized distributor of JMC bagging and sealing equipment as well as JMC parts.
Matthiesen Equipment has been manufacturing handling and bagging equipment for the packaged ice industry since 1945. Matthiesen Equipment has a product to meet your exact requirements whether it be for tubed, crushed or flaked ice. Ice Systems & Supplies Inc., is an authorized Matthiesen distributor. We specialize in Matthiesen baggers for the ice industry.
Keith Walking Floor bins improve your plant’s efficiency by automating your ice delivery system. The Keith Walking Floor ice storage system can be designed in various configurations including stationary and portable models. The system requires no daily maintenance and the hydraulic drive unit is located well out of the way from the ice, under the bin’s floor. Each system can be designed according to your tonnage requirements. Keith ice bins provide an uninterrupted flow of ice with minimal product damage.
Vogt is well-known for revolutionizing the commercial ice industry with their tube-ice machine built in 1937. This would be the world’s first automatic sized ice machine. Vogt offers a variety of ice machines to meet the needs of the packaged ice industry. Vogt Turbo ice making equipment includes space saver models that offer numerous features for a variety of uses. Turbo ice machines deliver diamond strong, extra cold and long lasting ice.
Arctic-Temp has specialized in mid-range capacity ice machines for commercial applications for over 45 years. Arctic-Temp is a leading manufacturer of vertical tube industrial ice machines. They are known for providing years of reliable performance. Arctic-Temp ice machines are energy and water efficient and offer a simple design that simplifies and reduces service and maintenance overheads.
Morris and Associates have been a leading manufacturer of packaged refrigeration equipment since 1949. Their innovative products and services include ice makers, ice rake bins and ice delivery systems. Morris ice makers can handle anything between 10 tons to 150 tons per day. Morris ice rake bins handle ice storage starting at 20 tons and going up to 300 tons capacity. They provide standard and custom sized solutions.
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